Tell Congress: No Dream, No Deal

It's a new year, but Congress is returning to many of the same old problems they didn't tackle before heading home for the holidays—including the civil rights crisis facing Dreamers across America.
More than 14,000 Dreamers have already lost their legal protections since Trump declared an end to DACA—with hundreds of thousands more facing uncertainty and the threat of deportation from the only country they've ever called home. Yet Congress keeps delaying any action on an obvious solution: the popular, bipartisan Dream Act.
Congress is heading to another showdown by January 19—and it's critical the Dream Act be passed before or included in any spending bill by that date.
Republicans need to hear from us that we expect better in 2018. And Democrats need to know that we expect them to hold firm—they have the leverage to demand a spending bill that addresses these real crises, and we'll have their back if they don't back down ... or hold them accountable if they fold again.
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