Host a June Election Phone Bank

Our first national phone bank house parties will be held June 6-9 in homes and local community centers across the country. Members will come together to make calls to other voters in key states. Events that are part of this program can take place only between Thursday and Sunday, June 6 to June 9, but we'll have future opportunities to host if you cannot do that window. 

The issue focus of the June house parties will be defending LGBTQ+ rights from MAGA attacks. More than 500 anti-trans and anti-gay bills have already been introduced in the U.S. in 2024. MAGA Republicans are going to continue to try to strip our freedoms and bodily autonomy away. But progressive and young voters are not backing down, and we won’t backtrack on progress realized by the LGBTQ+ community. If voters who share our values turn out this fall, we can stop the slew of Republican-orchestrated attacks against LGBTQ+ communities. That's why we're hosting phone banks to call voters and remind them what's at stake for LGBTQ+ freedoms in voting this election.

MoveOn will create a national phone bank, made possible by small groups gathered in homes across the country. We will also send guidance for how to host your event and offer training for all hosts. So sign up now, and we'll be in touch!

Here are some things to consider as you create your event: 

- Dialer: MoveOn is investing in a "hub-dialer" to make calls seamless. Instead of inputting every number, the system will automatically connect volunteers with the next person on our lists. It's much faster, more effective, more accessible, and more fun than an old-school call list!
- Time: Hosts are encouraged to host their events in the evening, between 6-9 p.m. local time. Our phone bank platform works best when more people are on it at once, and this is a time we expect attendance and phone pickup rate will be strongest.  Noon through 9 p.m. local time will be accepted.  
- Location: You'll need a place with a reliable Internet connection to access the "dialer," the tool that will tell volunteers who they're about to speak with. You'll also want to limit the size of your event to whatever you can comfortably fit in your venue, where people can have conversations. 
- Title and description: You can set the title and description of your event, so long as it's on-topic! Here are some examples to use or get inspiration from in case you feel stuck: 

- "Vote with Pride" Phone Bank
- Phone Bank in [CITY]

- Join us in [CITY] to call swing voters as part of MoveOn's election program. Together, we can help turn out the anti-MAGA majority in the places that will decide this election to elect leaders who will defend LGBTQ+ freedoms and more!
- Let's hit the phones! Calling voters is so critical this election. Please RSVP for my Election House Party and spend a few hours helping defeat Trump and MAGA politicians by reminding voters how much of our freedoms are on the ballot, particularly for LGBTQ+ people. 

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