Expose Trump's #CoverUpCaucus: Host a Presidents Day Action

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Instructions for hosts:  

  1. Events must be held the week of Presidents Day and the Presidents Day congressional recess (February 16-25) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time.
    • Please note that congressional offices will be closed on Presidents Day (Monday, February 19), so plan accordingly if planning a petition delivery to your member of Congress.
    • Hosts are encouraged to hold events on Presidents Day if doing a public event not dependent on the office of your member of Congress being open, or the following day, Tuesday, February 20, if your event is at the office of your member of Congress. 
  2. We recommend choosing a venue that is easily accessible and highly visible. This could be the congressional office of your member of Congress, a central public square, federal courthouse, or other historically important location near you.
  3. MoveOn will provide petition signatures of fellow constituents you can print and deliver to your member of Congress during your event, should you choose to do so. Alternatively, you could organize a public media event, bird-dog your member of Congress while they're home for recess, or use any other tactic, as long as it's visible, lawful, and nonviolent. 

Ways to engage your member of Congress: 

  1. Invite them to attend (or speak at) your event.
  2. Stage the event as a petition delivery to their office on Tuesday, February 20, or later that week. 
  3. Find a public event they are holding or attending and stage your event there—you can refer to the Townhall Project website or check the member's website and the local newspaper for public appearances. 

Who is in the #CoverUpCaucus, and to whom should we direct protests?

  • The #CoverUpCaucus is anyone who has acted to shelter Donald Trump from the independent investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, including people undermining the credibility of the investigation. This is largely populated by Republicans, though a handful of Republicans in Congress have spoken out against the #CoverUpCaucus, such as Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina.
    • In the House of Representatives, this is anyone who voted or spoke positively about the "Nunes memo".
    • In the Senate, it's anyone who has not supported legislation to protect Mueller from being fired by Donald Trump, or those who have called for secondary special counsels to investigate the current investigation.
  • If only some of your members of Congress are in the #CoverUpCaucus (such as your representative but not your senator), consider orienting the event toward that individual. 
  • If none of your members of Congress are in the #CoverUpCaucus: 
    • Your event is still important!
    • You can thank your members of Congress at your event for helping expose the #CoverUpCaucus, invite them to attend your event, and possibly invite them to speak at your event about what they're doing to expose the #CoverUpCaucus. 
    • You can still do a petition delivery to them, but the tone and message should be showing how many voices support them in exposing the #CoverUpCaucus.
    • You can also choose not to orient your event toward a member of the #CoverUpCaucus and instead gather to make a visible public argument for the importance of the investigation, with the message "No President Is Above the Law." 
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      • Filing a quick post-meeting report.

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