Summer Service Socials!

MoveOn is where millions mobilize, organize, and advocate for a better society—one where everyone can thrive!

Now, it’s summertime!

Summer is a time when families across the country take part in festivals, vacations, barbecues, family reunions, and so many more fun, joyous activities that recharge our batteries for the rest of the year.

We know that the work of creating a society where everyone can thrive is year-round work. Part of that work is taking time each summer to strengthen the connection with the communities that we represent in our mobilizations. This year, we are doing this through service.

Summer Service Socials

Summer Service Socials are opportunities to reconnect with each other as a progressive community, to flex our organizing muscles through relationship-building with our neighbors, and to begin to change the political narrative by shifting the focus from Trump’s nonstop attacks on our democracy, which have exhausted and desensitized many people no matter what political affiliation, to the real-life tangible issues that inspired us to engage in the work to make this country a place where everyone can thrive.

This July, MoveOn members around the country will host Summer Service Social events in service to and with neighbors, friends, and fellow MoveOn members from their communities.

"Summer Service Socials" may be a mouthful, but planning your event is easy! Here's how you do it:

  1. Choose your Summer Service Social event type: Community Clean-Up Social or Item Donation Social. For Community Clean-Up Socials, hosts either partner with a local organization or host independently a clean-up effort at a local park or neighborhood with a social gathering afterward, such as a potluck picnic or an ice cream party. For Item Donation Socials, hosts search out a local community organization and host an offsite social gathering to collect materials for later delivery to the community organization. Hosts can choose organizations such as ones that help those affected by hunger or homelessness, worker centers, immigrant or refugee assistance groups, abortion support funds, a Planned Parenthood center or other group of your choosing.
  2. Choose the time and location. Your event can take place anytime between Wednesday, July 17, through Wednesday, July 31. Events outside these dates will not be eligible for MoveOn recruitment support.
  3. Post your event here. Once you post, you'll have access to the host guide, with tips and advice for planning your event and opportunities to connect with other Summer Service Social event hosts.  

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Event Rules

Here are the rules for hosting events:

The events will be sponsored by MoveOn, a national organization that provides support and mobilization tools to grassroots organizers across the United States, in coordination with partner organizations.  MoveOn relies on volunteer event hosts to plan and organize the events that it sponsors; those volunteer hosts, and not MoveOn, are the sole organizers of all events on this site unless MoveOn expressly indicates that it is organizing a specific event.

By submitting this form you agree, as the host of a MoveOn event, that:

  1. You are responsible for planning and supervising your event and ensuring that it is carried out in a safe and legal manner;
  2. You will adhere to MoveOn's Host Principles and Commitments;
  3. You will not request or direct, or knowingly permit anyone acting on your or your organization’s behalf to request or direct, any participant at your events to engage in any unlawful activity, including unlawful nonviolent direct action;
  4. You will obtain any permits required for your event;
  5. Although MoveOn is a sponsor of your event, MoveOn does not authorize or adopt any statements or conduct made or undertaken by you or attendees at your event.
  6. MoveOn does not assume or accept any liability for any injury to any person or damages to any property occurring in the course of, or by reason of, events you organize as a MoveOn event host.

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