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Thank you for your interest in joining MoveOn's Community Support Team!

This dedicated community of volunteers powers MoveOn's capacity to make change in the world. With the Community Support Team, you can volunteer from the comfort of your own home, with flexible schedules making it easy to get involved. This team of volunteers virtually supports MoveOn members and drives critical work for the organization behind the scenes. 

With your help, we are better positioned than ever to create an inclusive, progressive future for all.

This quick application below will get you started. Read the team descriptions and choose what work you'd like to be a part of! 

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Please read the descriptions of the Community Support teams that currently have openings. You will have the option to choose which team(s) you would like to be a part of below. Many volunteers serve on more than one team, but please pick just one to start.

MoveOn has launched a grassroots-led, innovative voter contact campaign that will be the largest relational mobilization of the midterm elections this November. The Phonebanking Support Team will provide critical technological and chat moderation support for MoveOn’s phonebanking efforts to power us to victory in November. This additional support gives phonebankers more opportunity to receive individualized care and attention that meets their needs, regardless of skill or experience, ensuring that everyone is able to participate. If you are a people person who enjoys helping others and are excited about making a change this November, this is the place for you!

The Vetting Team provides a crucial service to all of MoveOn’s work. These volunteers are key to collecting and synthesizing the data MoveOn staff need to make decisions about the work we do. As part of the Community Support Campaigns & Mobilizations Squad, this team works closely with MoveOn staff and volunteer leaders to review and research data sets from member survey responses, submissions to our Letters to the Editor tool, potential MoveOn candidate endorsements, and other information processing. All team members will be trained and given the tools and support to do this work according to whatever their time capacity allows. If you have a knack for doing research and want to get more involved in our election work and member listening, join this team!

MoveOn has launched a grassroots-led, innovative voter contact campaign that will be the largest relational mobilization of the midterm elections this November. In order to reach this scale, this team of volunteers boosts capacity to support MoveOn members in their Polling Place Vote Tripling efforts. This team will be providing individualized logistical, coaching, and research support to MoveOn members organizing at their polling locations and coordinating with staff to ensure members feel confident, supported, and have what they need. If you want to get involved in our election work and have a knack for logistics, this is the team for you!

The CST Petitions Support Team provides the MoveOn Petitions Platform staff additional capacity to support our member petition starters. This individualized attention gives those MoveOn members a chance to make an even bigger impact and share their calls to action effectively. As a team, CST Petitions Support volunteers will be: reaching out to petition starters for smaller scale petition campaigns; peer coaching to support state/local campaigns; moderating petitions; flagging issues or trolls on the platform; and surfacing the best petitions for MoveOn to invest in!

The Community Support Petitions Research Team provides additional volunteer capacity to support our platform campaign work. This is a research based team, focused on surfacing key insights to guide our potential platform campaigning. As a team, CST Petitions Research volunteers will provide crucial information on: local and state campaigns; community leaders and partner organizations in key electoral states and localities; local and state media for outreach; local influencers that can amplify campaigns; and new campaigns that are doing well on social media. This work is essential to maintaining the health of our MoveOn platform, and it provides a massive service to petition starters across the country.

The Email Team responds to emails from MoveOn members with comments and questions about MoveOn's campaigns and events. Team members will learn about a wide variety of MoveOn systems and projects to be able to support members who contact us. Some team members also work behind the scenes to categorize messages to provide MoveOn staff with a regular update on what our members are thinking. If you like answering questions, solving problems, and have good customer-service or technical skills, this could be a great team for you!

This team works to ensure our virtual events and trainings run smoothly! Team members are trained to learn many different skills, including coaching, facilitation, virtual chat support, and more during our many livestreams, online events, and trainings. If you want to be behind the scenes ensuring the show goes on successfully, join this team!

The Storytelling Team is vital to the success of MoveOn's member storytelling project, focused on uplifting member voices and bolstering our campaigns. These CST volunteers will help facilitate training sessions and participate in 1:1 peer-to-peer coaching with member storytellers to help guide the crafting and impact of their stories. These volunteers will be trained to help storytellers revise and refine their stories to align with the campaign work they are driving. If you want to uplift the voices of MoveOn members and welcome more activists into our community, join this team!


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Polling Place Vote Tripling Team
Vetting Team
Petitions Support Team
Petitions Research Team
Email Team
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Storytelling Team

Please answer the following questions honestly and as best you can. The information you share in this section is confidential and will be used to inform Community Support's work. 

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To help us better reflect, represent, and advocate for our growing and diverse membership, please tell us about yourself. The information you share in this section is confidential and will be used to inform Community Support's work. Completing these questions is *optional.*

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