Volunteer with Community Support

MoveOn's Community Support Team provides critical assistance to MoveOn's campaigns, mobilizations, and members. Community Support volunteers also work with our Organizing Team to coach, support, and assist MoveOn members in the work they do in their communities.

Here's a breakdown to help you find the right Community Support team for you. If you:

  • want to support MoveOn campaigning work, including rapid response mobilizations, petition campaigns, and other related special projects → sign up for the Campaigns & Mobilizations Squad.
  • want to support our members and our internal Volunteer Network teams by answering questions, sharing resources, and troubleshooting tech and tools → sign up for the Team & Member Support Squad.
  • want to recruit, coach, support, and train MoveOn Mobilizers and members to organize successfully, take action, and build their community and digital organizing skills → sign up for the Recruitment & Training Squad.


Members of the Community Support Team are a vital part of the work of MoveOn to advance our campaigns, organize events, and engage in rapid response around the issues that are so important to MoveOn members.

To raise your hand to volunteer with Community Support simply fill out the application below. We onboard new Community Support members approximately every 3 months so we will reach out to you when the next cohort forms.

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Recruitment & Training Squad
Team & Member Support Squad
Campaigns & Mobilizations Squad
I am flexible. Put me in wherever, coach!
Community Organizing (e.g. recruitment, relational 1:1s, etc)
Training/Coaching (e.g. experience facilitating meetings or teaching)
Writing and/or research
Social media or zoom chat moderation