Donation FAQ

Question:  I made an error when making my donation, how can I have the donation corrected or reversed?

Answer:  Please contact MoveOn donation support at: 1-833-781-5300


Question: I’m a monthly donor, how do I update my credit card information?

Answer:  Click here to update your credit card informationYou may need to login to your MoveOn account to update your details. If you’ve never set a MoveOn password, or you’ve forgotten it, just click the ‘Forgot your password’ link to set it.


Question:  How do I cancel my monthly or weekly recurring donation?

Answer:  Please click here to cancel your monthly recurring pledge. You can also contact MoveOn donation support at: 1-833-781-5300


Question:  How do I increase/decrease the amount of my monthly or weekly donations?

Answer:  Please click here to update your monthly or weekly pledge. You can also contact MoveOn donation support at: 1-833-781-5300


Question:  How can I sign up for recurring monthly donations?

Answer:  Click here to enroll in monthly donations.


Question: Is my financial Information Safe?

Answer: MoveOn treats our donors’ credit card information with the highest level of privacy and security, following industry best practices. Our donation pages use a secure (SSL/https) connection to send credit card data directly to a leading payment processor that is certified Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. MoveOn never has access to or stores credit card numbers in any format on any of our servers. Please refer to MoveOn's privacy policy for more privacy and security information.


Question:  Can I make a donation to MoveOn using PayPal?

Answer:  Yes, you can donate through PayPal.  Note: Please be sure to complete the donation amount before clicking on the “Check out with PayPal” link.  


Question: Can I make a donation to MoveOn by check?

Answer:  You may contribute via check or money order by completing your basic information on either online form below-- the forms do not request any financial information. Once completed you will be provided with our mailing address to send your donation. This helps ensure that we have all the information needed to accurately process your donation.

Contribute by check to MoveOn Political Action.

Contribute by check to MoveOn Civic Action.


Question: Is MoveOn a 501(c)(3)?

Answer: Yes, MoveOn is a IRS designated 501(c)(3). To make a contribution to the MoveOn Education Fund, please visit:


Question: Are my donations to MoveOn tax deductible?

Answer:  Donations to MoveOn Education Fund are tax deductible. Contributions to MoveOn Civic Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, and MoveOn Political Action, a political action committee, are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.


Question:  I don’t want my credit card information to be saved on file. How do I delete it?

Answer: Please contact MoveOn member support to have your payment information deleted at: contrib_problem@moveon.orgYou can also contact MoveOn donation support at: 1-833-781-5300


Question:  How do I make a bequest to MoveOn?

Answer:  Please contact our Development team at