Recovery Recess FAQ

What are these events about?

  • We are celebrating the American Rescue Package—a historic accomplishment that will be game changing for the poor and working class in and help our country get back on its feet. But it is just the tip of the iceberg of all that is needed.
  • We are joining together to call for bold federal action to meet the scale of the economic crisis at hand. Congress must take up a robust, inclusive, equitable and green recovery bill. We are demanding green jobs, care jobs, justice, green infrastructure, climate solutions, and Indigenous tribal sovereignty, and also secure real democracy for all of our people. 

We're still in the middle of a pandemic. Is it safe to attend?

  • Your health, and that of those around you, is very important. We are committed to maintaining public health measures to practice safe protesting during the pandemic. If you are part of an at risk group and have not been fully vaccinated, please do not attend an in-person event—instead, find a way to participate virtually. All event participants are expected to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, have weighed their own risk in attending, and follow all local safety guidelines at minimum, and any safety instructions from hosts that exceed local law. Individual hosts are responsible for compliance with their own local laws and event requirements (including orders limiting the sizes of events). All in-person events must take place outside, as a public health precaution.

Who is hosting events?

  • Events are hosted by everyday people across the country. Many are involved in local organizations that are running long-term issue campaigns to pass legislation or build power to achieve our shared vision, and some are hosted by individuals who have stepped up to lead. The first name of the hosting individual or organization is visible on the event page. 
  • Event hosts are responsible for organizing all local events. 
  • You can contact the host of your event using the "Contact the host" button present on every event page. 
  • If there is no event near you and you would like to lead one, you can sign up to host one by creating an event.

Where is my event taking place?

  • Recovery Recess features both virtual events taking place online and in-person events taking place in your community. 
    • Online events: The link to access the online event at the designated time should be listed on the page. If it is not, you can contact the host to request that it be added. 
    • In-person events: Event venues are publicly visible. You will see the specific address for the event when you RSVP. 

Are overseas events hosted by U.S. expatriates welcome on the map?

  • Unfortunately, we are able to support events only in the U.S. for the event map at this time, due to compliance issues with new international data regulations. In the past, we had accepted events internationally but hid them from the map (by marking them "private"), so people could still recruit to the event but people in the U.S. (99% of the page traffic) wouldn't see events all over the world when they arrived at the homepage. Since the data regulations went into effect, we have changed that policy. We suggest creating a Facebook event and promoting that to folks in the area.

What if my event is full?

  • That’s good and bad news! An event being marked as full probably means there are so many people signed up to attend that event that it has blazed past the upper limit the host set for capacity, which might be lower than it would be in normal times, due to pandemic safety measures. Please check back for other events near you—or sign up to host a new event. You can also find a list of ways to participate in Recovery Recess remotely without attending anything in person.

Who is behind this?

  • You can see the list of some of the organizations that have helped spread the word on the Partner page.