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Apply below to become a MoveOn 2018 Resist & Win Leader. Deadline is extended to Thursday, July 5. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis—so apply today!

We are coming together to build an America for all of us: a society that values dignity and justice so that we all can thrive.
And we're building a movement fiercely based on a foundation of love and community, that is equipped to counteract the violent policies and actions of those currently in power. A movement that is proudly and truly multiracial, intergenerational, and that cuts across economic and geographic lines.

Drawing on 20 years of experience, MoveOn’s 2018 Resist & Win program has three core objectives:

  • End GOP control of the House.
  • Elect inspiring movement leaders and progressives up and down the ballot, and
  • Build long-term power and community to enact our shared vision of racial justice, an economy that works for everyone, a safe and healthy planet, diplomacy not war, a country that values kids more than guns, and more progressive, commonsense values.                 

To end GOP control of the house and resist Trump’s toxic agenda, we are investing in empowering MoveOn members to organize locally—because we need everybody taking action if we want to see real, lasting change happen.

Members will have the opportunity to get trained up on movement-building, the essentials of campaign strategy, and grassroots organizing from experts across the country, and put what they learn into action by hosting a series of grassroots voter contact events (which we're calling Volunteer Waves!).

But it won’t stop on Election Day. After Election Day, we’ll switch gears and immediately begin to hold our newly elected representatives accountable. We’ll also work together to debrief our learnings and determine what comes next.

If you share this vision and are ready to get started (or build on the work you’ve already done!), apply here to become a MoveOn 2018 Resist & Win Leader. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until Friday, June 15—so apply today!

As a MoveOn 2018 Resist & Win Leader, you will take responsibility for organizing nearby MoveOn members and other activists to volunteer, vote, and tell the story of this election in one of 100 congressional districts where MoveOn members will endorse candidates. You will ...

  • Participate in the Resist & Win Online Summer Camp, July 8-August 8, 2018, from the comfort of your own home—or wherever you will be this July! Over four weeks, this includes three 90-minute online sessions, three 60-minute group coaching and reflection online sessions, and action assignments (including hosting one event) to apply your learning. On average, you can expect to volunteer 3-5 hours per week for four weeks.
  • Lead regular Volunteer Waves from September 4, 2018, through Election Day, November 6, 2018, and one post-election event. A Volunteer Wave is a community voter contact day of action, attended by MoveOn members and other local progressives, at the local campaign office of a MoveOn member-endorsed candidate for Congress. Volunteer Waves help our endorsed candidates win and demonstrate the lasting, independent progressive power of MoveOn members and allies.
  • Have the opportunity to attend the two-day MoveOn National Grassroots Leadership Summit Saturday-Sunday August 25-26, 2018 (location TBA) with hundreds of grassroots movement leaders from around the country. Scholarships will be available.
  • Be part of an inspiring, supportive, diverse, and accountable community of fellow social change-makers. This is how we build the movement!

Please complete the brief application below, and share the opportunity with your friends! Please double-check that you've entered your correct contact information so that we can get in touch with you.


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Arab American
Asian American or Pacific Islander American
Black or African American
Latinx or Hispanic
Native American or American Indian
White or Caucasian
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Participation and Time Commitment: I am available July 8-Aug 8 for a virtual training program and to lead an action in my community during this time period. I understand I will receive training and support! I can commit to volunteer an average of 3-5 hours per week from July 8-Aug 8 (four weeks), and approximately 5 hours per week from Labor Day to Election Day. (Some people may choose to volunteer full-time close to Election Day!)

Volunteer Role with Scholarships Available: I understand that this is a volunteer role. I understand that some scholarships are available and that I will have the opportunity to apply for them. I understand that I may apply for a scholarship to attend the National Grassroots Leadership Summit.

Communication Access: I have or can get regular access to a smartphone or computer with internet access and enough data for about 90 minutes of video each week to complete the weekly assignments. I can also be reached by phone. 

Resist & Win Vision Statement: I believe that we can build a country with room for all of us, with an economy that works for all of us, that welcomes refugees and immigrants, that takes action to address climate change, that makes it easier, not harder, to vote, that values Black lives, and that stands against sexism, racism, and Islamophobia. I share a commitment to nonviolent action to achieve this vision.