Call Now: Senate Must Stop Trump's March to War

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The House passed the war powers resolution to end the unauthorized use of force against Iran and stop Donald Trump's march to war. Now, the Senate must also pass the war powers resolution to save countless American, Iranian, and Iraqi lives from Trump's reckless foreign policy.
This could not be more urgent. In a classified briefing, the Trump administration refused to name an instance when it would tell Congress about a military strike against Iran before it happened. Trump even tweeted that Congress should follow his Twitter account for updates on actions against Iran. 
Congress alone holds the power to declare war. Trump is abusing his power, yet again, to enrich himself, politicians, and wealthy corporations at the expense of the rest of us. Congress has been warned: act now to rein in Trump's power to initiate another disastrous war of choice, or he'll do it on his own without your approval. 
Call now and tell your senator: "Stop Trump's dangerous march to war with Iran."
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