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Thank you for stepping up to host a Unite for Justice event to #StopKavanaugh from getting a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Creating an event is easy! Just fill out the form below to begin. You will also need to confirm your event before it goes live.


  • Organizers are recommending no more than one event take place per city, to minimize the amount of time spent on logistics and maximize the size of each crowd. Before creating a new event, click here to look if an event already exists near you. If so, please sign up to attend that event rather than creating your own. You are encouraged to contact the host to offer assistance after RSVP'ing to the event, and they can make you co-host on that page if they choose. Please note that MoveOn will not recruit to multiple events in the same area.
  • Suggested locations for events include town squares, public parks, city halls, houses of worship, and state government buildings. Events will not be allowed at abortion clinics for the privacy of those seeking family planning.
  • Your event can be a rally, a press conference, a march, a petition delivery, a potluck, or something else. Get creative!
  • MoveOn will support events on Sunday, August 26.

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Event Rules

Here are the rules for hosting events:

The events will be hosted on a website owned and operated by MoveOn.org. MoveOn is committed to ensuring that the events will all meet a standard necessary for its members to feel safe at the events. As a result, we are asking everyone volunteering to host a rapid response event to commit to these agreements in word and spirit.

By submitting this form you agree:

(1) follow MoveOn’s written directions regarding the organization and timetable for the Event;
(2) use all scripts and materials provided by MoveOn for the Event;
(3) refer to and use the name and mark “MoveOn” in connection with the Event as authorized and directed by MoveOn; and otherwise to name, characterize or describe the Event, as directed by MoveOn;
(4) in all emails sent to recruit participants, in all press releases and announcements and other communications regarding the Event, include the following language: "Everyone participating in this event will be required to follow all applicable laws and to behave lawfully to ensure the safety of event participants. This event will be nonviolent and will not involve any civil disobedience or other violation of law."
(5) to obtain all permits and licenses necessary to hold the Event;
(6) not to request or direct, or permit anyone to request or direct, any participant of your events to engage in any unlawful activity, including unlawful nonviolent direct action ("civil disobedience").

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