Sign Up: Deliver The #DefundHate Demands

Now is the time for Congress to act and fight back against Trump's attacks on immigrants by defunding hate. They must pass a federal budget, which includes Trump's deportation machine, by September 30.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are the agencies enacting Trump's racist agenda—from separating kids from their families to abhorrent neglect in detention camps to massive workplace raids. 

Even as their budgets have ballooned under Trump, these agencies still abuse their power and use loopholes and mismanagement to overspend millions of our taxpayer dollars. 

Congress must cut funds and close the loopholes for ICE and CBP to limit their capacity to enact Trump's racist agenda. This is their chance to create change and support our communities, and September 3-6 is the perfect time to confront them, while they are still home in their districts. 

Fill out the form below to deliver this demand to your member of Congress the week of September 3, before they return to Washington and negotiate the federal budget. 

We'll email you resources right away to plan your visit, including a flyer to convey the #DefundHate demand to cut funds to ICE and CBP.


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