Commit to #FlattenTheCurve

News is breaking all around us at an unprecedented speed: Thousands of new COVID-19 cases are being discovered in the U.S., hospitals are bracing for a massive influx of people needing care, schools are being closed, businesses are being temporarily closed or moving online, and more. We all need to act to ensure the trajectory of the viral spread is interrupted. We need to Flatten the Curve.

I commit to #FlattenTheCurve and to

  1. Follow the lead of health experts and wash my hands for 20 seconds and keep my hands away from my face.
  2. Stay home and avoid public places if possible, which will help keep people who cannot—medical staff, grocery workers, and others—safer. This is called "social distancing," and we all need to do what we are able. 
  3. If I do go out, I'll keep my distance. Health officials are recommending we limit contact with each other, remaining at least 6 feet apart if possible. It’s important that we all do this when we can to account for those in our community who cannot: frontline health care workers, service workers, and others.  
  4. Call on my local officials and demand that they implement social distancing policies.
  5. Call on my members of Congress to pass urgently needed economic relief legislation so that when people follow the direction of leading health officials, they aren’t forced to make a decision between a paycheck and stopping the spread of this coronavirus. 

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