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We know that there are tens of thousands of MoveOn members for whom the questions of gun violence, gun ownership, and gun control are deeply personal. For some, it’s because gun violence has impacted their life or that of someone close, and for others, it’s because gun ownership is a part of their life or their community. We want to learn more about MoveOn members’ experiences and thoughts about guns and hope you’ll be willing to take this quick survey.

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I have experienced gun violence firsthand.
Someone close to me has experienced gun violence firsthand.
I have not experienced gun violence firsthand, nor has anyone close to me.
I currently own a gun.
I do not own a gun, but I have in the past.
Someone in my household or immediate family currently owns a gun.
No one in my household or immediate family currently owns a gun, but they have in the past.
None of the above.
Under 18 years old
18-29 years old
30-39 years old
40-55 years old
56-69 years old
70 or older
Gender nonconforming
Prefer not to say
Prefer not to say
I have a child or children under 18 years of age.
I have a child or children 18 years of age or older.
I do not have children.
I am a teacher or educator.
I am a medical professional.
I am a clergy member.
I am a current or former law enforcement, security, or first responder professional.
I am currently enlisted in the armed services.
I am a veteran.
I have supported or cared for victims of gun violence in my professional life.
I believe people should be permitted to own guns for personal use.
I believe there should be restrictions in place governing the purchase and ownership of guns by individuals.
I believe ownership or possession of guns by individuals should be banned.
I’ve taken action for measures related to commonsense gun reform in my community.
I am currently a member of the NRA.
I was once a member of the NRA but no longer am.
I have never been a member of the NRA.
Gun manufacturers
Corporations that sell guns and ammunition
Banks and the financial system that support our gun culture
The mental health system
State governments
Enact laws and policies that make it more difficult to purchase guns.
Pressure corporate retailers to cease sales of guns.
Elect officials who support commonsense gun reform measures.
Reduce the stronghold on politicians held by the NRA.
Develop community-based violence intervention programs in communities impacted most by gun violence.
Ensure access to mental health care for all.
Restricting sales to “smart guns,” which can only be fired by the registered owner
Mandatory background checks for all potential gun buyers
Requiring a license to purchase or own guns and ammunition
Waiting period for all gun purchases
Mandatory reporting of all gun sales
Nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons
Mandatory federal buyback programs for assault weapons
Signing petitions
Making phone calls to elected officials
Starting or joining a local campaign for gun reform in my community
Pressuring Congress to pass common sense gun reform measures
Pressuring corporations to change their policies
Telling my personal story in videos and/or graphics
Attending protests or rallies in my community
Participating in organizing meetings in my community
Helping to organize people in my community
Participating in organizing trainings led by MoveOn’s team
Climate change
Health care
Stopping gun violence
Racial justice
Economic justice
Reproductive rights
LGBTQ+ rights
Voter suppression
Foreign policy