Congressional Stakeouts to Save Health Care

Last week, Paul Ryan unveiled the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act—a proposal that would tear away health care from tens of millions of people, defund Planned Parenthood, destroy Medicaid, and raise insurance premiums for most people by $1500.

Republicans know that their plan to take away people’s health care is unpopular. So they’re trying to get it done in the next 18 days, in a rush without proper review or debate. Passing this repeal bill is the GOP's top legislative priority. But because of opposition both from constituents—on full display at recent town hall meetings with overwhelming turnout and passion-and from their own conservative base, GOP leaders are in a bind.

We have 18 days to save our heath care. We can do it, if we raise our voices in unprecedented ways.

That’s why this Thursday and Friday, March 16 and 17, when members of Congress return home for a scheduled “district work period”, we’ll be there, waiting to greet them at their local offices, to let them and their staff know that this is a health care emergency.

We will gather outside the district offices of select members of Congress—nine Republican Senators and 23 Republican Representatives who hold the decisive votes—for peaceful “Stakeouts to Save Our Health Care” from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on both days. These will be peaceful and lawful gatherings; we will not engage in any acts of violence or violation of any applicable law. By holding vigil all day at their offices, we’ll make sure that anyone coming in or out of the office—staff, visitors, the members of Congress themselves—have to come face to face with us, their constituents, and our health care stories our signs, our songs, our hopes, our anger, and our cheer.

The theme is health care emergency—so bring crutches, slings, stethoscopes, anything you've got that signifies health care. (And snacks, coffee, hand-warmers, and lawn chairs!)

We need three Republican senators and a handful of Republican representatives to do what's right and protect their constituent's health care. So we're focusing our efforts on 9 Senate Republicans and 23 House Republicans. But every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, needs to hear from their constituents to stop this bill, so that they don't just vote but lead the effort to stop this bill in Washington.

Sign up here to make your commitment to act this week, and on Monday we'll connect you with tools and resources to have a big impact.

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    U.S. and U.S. territories only
    Fill at least one 1-hour shift at the Health Care Stakeout at my Republican Senator or Representative's office this Thursday, March 16 or Friday, March 17.
    Call my friends and family in the priority states and districts and ask them to fill at least one 1-hour shift at their Republican Senator or Representative's office this Thursday, March 16 or Friday, March 17
    Call my Democratic Senators and Representatives to share my story and ask them to fight hard to protect our health care.
    Site Captain: Takes responsibility to organize Captains, volunteers, and allies to ensure an impactful, well-planned event.
    Comfort Captain: Takes responsibility to ensure volunteers are comfortable, cheerful, fed, and warm, and that the atmosphere is convivial and positive.
    Safety Captain: Takes responsibility to ensure a commitment to non-violence, de-escalation, and safety, and serves as liaison with building staff and law enforcement.
    Recruitment Captain: Takes responsibility to get the word out fill every shift at the Health Care Stakeout.
    Props Captain: Takes responsibility to ensure medical props, signs and banners communicate our message: "Don't Take Away Our Health Care!"
    Social Media Captain: Takes responsibility for getting the word out on social media via livestreams, photos, and relationships.
    Traditional Media Captain: Takes responsibility for earning local news coverage via press releases and relationships with reporters, and identifying and preparing spokespeople.