Immigrants and Refugees Are Welcome

Trump is threatening refugees, immigrants, and Muslims, and it's up to MoveOn members and our allies to speak in one fearless voice of opposition and defiance and with one message: Never. Not on our watch.

Please print the sign that works best for you and then fill out a short survey to let us know how many signs you're going to hang and where you hope to hang them.

Please note:

  • If you are using a Google Chrome browser, just click the images below to start downloading the signs.
  • Otherwise, if clicking the sign below takes you to another page with the image, right-click the image on that page and select "Save Image As ..." to download and then print.

Sign #1

Sign #2

Sign #2 in Spanish

Sign #2 in Arabic

Sign #2 in Farsi

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    Survey Questions

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    At a school
    At my town hall
    At my public library
    At my community of faith
    In the window of a business