MoveOn 25: A Quarter Century of Innovative & Impactful People-Powered Progress

This year, MoveOn celebrates 25 years of mass collective action and impact. For over a quarter of a century, MoveOn members have used cutting-edge technology to campaign together, at national scale, to level the playing field for everyday people, protect our freedoms and democracy, and guard against the attacks of the radical right.

As we celebrate, we are looking back on our journey to honor the impact of collective action, affirm our commitment to stay engaged, and look ahead to the next big opportunity to make an impact in the 2024 presidential election and beyond.

We are gearing up to win the presidency, the Senate, and to take back the House in 2024. We are calling on members to recommit to take action to stop the threat from MAGA Republicans and their efforts to roll back generations' worth of progress on the issues we care about. We are amplifying our commitment to advocate for people-first outcomes with our Us vs. MAGA approach as Republican presidential candidates weaponize grievance and resentment to gain power.

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