Mueller Firing Rapid Response - FAQ


Are you hoping to protest?

  • No. We hope these protests are never needed. But it’s better to be ready for something that never happens than to be blindsided. Donald Trump’s disregard for the truth and his repeated attempts to obstruct the investigation give every indication that, sadly, we may need them.

When will events happen?

  • You may have noticed that there is no date and time for any events. That’s because we’re not sure if or when these events will ever happen!
  • If we launch the events, we will display date and time information for every event.
  • See The Plan for info on when we will call for protests if they are needed. 

What if the event I want to attend is listed as occurring far in the future?

  • If your event has a date in the distant future, that means that your host hasn’t logged in and updated the event to reflect today or tomorrow’s date. That may be because they’re busy getting ready and they forgot, or it could mean that they aren’t actually going to be there—maybe they’re hiking the Appalachian Trail and didn’t hear the news! If the date for your event is visible, but it’s far in the future, know that there’s a chance that the original event host will not be there. You can still go! Others probably will too. But we can’t guarantee that the official host of the event will be “in charge.”

Where will event X take place?

  • You have to RSVP to see the location of the event. :)

What actions by Donald Trump will trigger the events?

  • See The Plan for a list of actions by Donald Trump that could set these events into motion.

What are your demands?

Why would these actions create a constitutional crisis?

  • That’s an important question. “Constitutional crisis” can get thrown around a lot. But this would be exactly that!
  • It all boils down to defending democracy. The framers of the Constitution clearly wanted limits to the power of the president—that’s why they gave Congress the power to impeach the president, gave the judicial branch the power to say that things the president wants to do are illegal, and even made the president accountable under the law. If Trump obstructs the investigation, it may be a criminal act, and it’s definitely a challenge to whether Congress will protect these limits or allow our democracy to erode into something else.
  • Here’s a great piece about why pardoning key figures as a strategy to obstruct the investigation is an overreach: LINK
  • And here’s a reminder about why firing the person investigating you is an obstruction of justice—a big no-no: LINK

Are overseas events hosted by U.S. expatriates welcome on the map?

  • Sure! Everyone who opposes a potential power grab by Donald Trump is welcome and encouraged to protest. The site will allow people to create events outside the U.S., but they may be hidden from the map function so it’s easier for Americans to find the event they’re looking for.

What if my event is full?

  • That’s good and bad news! An event being marked as full probably means there are so many people signed up to attend that event that it’s blazed past the upper limit the host set for capacity. But that host may be about to increase the max capacity, so please check back—or start a new event!

Who is behind this?

  • Over 400,000 people have registered to attend, and surely more will show up to take action! You can see the list of some of the organizations that have helped spread the word on the partner page, where you can also indicate that your organization wants to join in!

But @realDonaldTrump tweeted that there was “NO COLLUSION”—so why do we need a special counsel?!

  • Donald Trump says so many things that just are not true that it’s hard to trust anything he says. For example, he told everyone that Mexico would pay for his racist border wall, but it looks as though the American taxpayers will have to pay for it, if it ever happens.
  • The evidence suggests that there may well have been collusion. See here for a list of every contact between the Trump team and Russian agents.
  • The special counsel investigation has already found all sorts of crimes! It’s secured four guilty pleas and 19 indictments from a grand jury. So clearly they’re uncovering real crimes.
  • And it’s also possible that Donald Trump committed crimes other than collusion, such as criminal obstruction of justice in his effort to end the investigation by firing FBI Director James Comey.