MoveOn Progressive Partners Program

Progressive organizations who want to start using MoveOn's petition platform should apply for our partners program, which includes staff support, messaging guidance to reach your signers, and branding benefits exclusive to organizations.

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    U.S. and U.S. territories only

    Survey Questions

    This is only an application. MoveOn can accept, delay, or reject applications for any reason. In addition, MoveOn may discontinue or modify this program at any time.
    My organization is committed to progressive values. We are either incorporated as a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), labor union or federation, or work in the nonprofit campaigning space without a private corporate interest.
    My organization does not sell email addresses.
    My organization only sends emails to people who have chosen to hear from us. In addition, we include an unsubscribe link in every email we send.
    My organization permits MoveOn to acquire more signers for our petition through paid acquisition. Any associated costs will be covered by MoveOn.

    Privacy Policy

    Petitions and Surveys

    For petitions and surveys you've signed or completed, we treat your name, city, state, and comments as public information. For example, we may provide compilations of petitions, with your comments, to the president and legislators, other targets, or to the press. We will not make your street address publicly available, but we may transmit it to members of Congress and to the president as part of a petition. This is a standard industry practice in such situations. In no such case will we disclose your email address or phone number without your permission. We may also make your comments, along with your first name, city, and state, available to the press and public online.

    Under circumstances where we determine that members may be misusing our systems for malicious purposes (for example, using the numbers we provide to make harassing phone calls), such activities may be reported to law enforcement agencies. In such cases, MoveOn may release personally identifiable information, including name and address, to those agencies.

    See our complete privacy policy.