"#SaveThePostOffice from Trump" FAQ

What are these events about?

    • On Saturday, August 22, 2020, MoveOn, RuralOrganizing.org, NAACP, Service Employees International Union, American Federation of Teachers, Working Families Party, the Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights, and Indivisible, in conjunction with partners across the country, are calling for nationwide actions in response to Trump's attempts to destroy the U.S. Postal Service.
    • On June 16, Trump installed a campaign megadonor, Louis DeJoy, as the new postmaster general. In just two months, Postmaster General DeJoy has reorganized the inner workings of the department and reassigned or displaced dozens of postal executives. DeJoy has called for hiring freezes, slashed hours, and created long delays, even stopping delivery in some places. Meanwhile, it has come to light that DeJoy had a multimillion dollar stake in the USPS’s competitors.
    • The Postal Service is a vital service, written into the foundation of our country in the constitution. We must have a fully funded and functional Post Office, and support postal workers who have been essential during this pandemic delivering life saving medicines, supplies to keep us healthy, and mail in ballots.
    • These actions are in support of postal workers, many of whom have lost a substantial portion of their income due to DeJoy's changes and are being put in a position to compromise their professional ethics. We will support the many people who rely on the post office, including hundreds of thousands of the people of color, women, and military members and veterans that the postal service employs.  We are also here to support the people who rely most on the postal service including seniors, rural and indigenous folks.

What is the address for my event?

  • Event venues are publicly visible.
  • You will see the specific address for the event when you RSVP. 

Are overseas events hosted by U.S. expatriates welcome on the map?

  • Unfortunately, we are able to support events only in the US for the event map at this time, due to compliance issues with new international data regulations. In the past, we had accepted events internationally but hidden them from the map (by marking them "private"), so people could still recruit to the event but people in the U.S. (99% of the page traffic) wouldn't see events all over the world when they arrived at the homepage. Since the data regulations went into effect, we have changed that policy. We suggest creating a Facebook event and promoting that to folks in the area.

What if my event is full?

  • That’s good and bad news! An event being marked as full probably means there are so many people signed up to attend that event that it’s blazed past the upper limit the host set for capacity. Please check back for other events near you—or start a new event!
  • We want events to be safe for social distancing during the pandemic, so hosts are setting a maximum size based on the location. There are over 3,000 post offices in the U.S., so find another one near you and host your own event if you can!


Who is behind this?

  • You can see the list of some of the organizations that have helped spread the word on the Partner page.